Submit your work with the following formats:


Your text should not exceed 1000 words, describing your research and why is it important. Give us your name, affiliation, a title and write it all in 12pt Time New Roman. You may include a picture if you want.



Send us a picture (.jpg or .tiff) taken by you that illustrates what you are telling us (an artifact, structure, feature or other phenomena), along with a legend with up to 200 words. Show Us Your Research! will not accept pictures whose copyright rights belong to third parties, such as journals, except if an permission is obtained by the author.



If you prefer to present your work in a video, you can send us one with three to five minutes in mp4 or avi format. Remember: you will be responsible for the making of the video and for assuring its quality in sound (e.g. without background noises), image and framework. You can send us your text and work it with us; this might help you to save time and make just one version of the video instead of several, until reach the final version.

Your video will need some fundamental features and rules. The Shows US Your Research! Logo has to appear in Fade in and Fade out in the beginning in a total of 10 seconds. We will provide you with a neat image for you do that. The title, your name and affiliation have to be in the next 10 seconds of the video, after the Fade out of the logo; you are free to choose the design and time of each one of these features. If you present information that was already published, it will be required a reference list in the end of the video.

If you wish, you can add subtitles in English to ensure that you will also reach people with hearing loss. Do not worry, we will also help you with that and review the text to ensure that your video will be a success. Send us your videos by Dropbox to one of the editors according to the research field.


For scientific video tips and tutorials, have a look at the blog The Scientist Videographer by Dr. Karen L. McKee.